Our information about wedding orchestras

Are you planning your wedding and starting to think about music? Here is some information to take into account, shared by Paris Groove, wedding orchestra.

Music is one of the most important thing in the organisation of a wedding

First of all, it must be kept in mind that music, like the hall, the caterer or the decoration, is one of the most important elements in the organization of a wedding. If all goes well, your guests will spend most of the evening dancing. The music must therefore please you, but also please all the guests: there is something for everyone.

Orchestra and DJ Live: what is it?

The two most popular formulas for your wedding are the orchestra and the DJ Live. Here is some information about these.

An orchestra is a group of musicians, singers who will play live your favorite songs, in various and varied styles: dance, disco, funk, hip-hop, Latin, soul, rock … Its size is variable and its logistics may seem painstaking, but don’t worry, we take care of everything.

A DJ Live is a formula made up of a DJ, singers and a few musicians. It’s about combining the performance of a DJ with live instruments and voices. The repertoire is as varied as that of the orchestra and the price generally more attractive.

Paris Groove is an orchestra for weddings and other private and corporate parties, which offers tailor-made formulas, adapted to your needs: orchestra, live DJ and DJ set. We take care of all the logistics and technique of the musical performance: sound system, lights and instruments.


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