A sélection de DJ professionnels, généralistes ou spécialiséstailored to your desires and needs for your event in Paris or worldwide (wedding, bar mitzvah, private parties, corporate events...).

Looking for the key element to create an unforgettable festive atmosphere at your wedding or special event? Look no further! Our DJ services are the perfect answer to ensure a memorable evening and a lively dance floor.

A successful wedding or event largely depends on the atmosphere you manage to create, and music plays a crucial role in this regard. Our experienced DJ knows how to captivate your audience with a personalized DJ set, tailored to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to establish.

Whether you dream of a romantic and elegant atmosphere for your wedding or a lively and festive ambiance for a corporate event, our DJ will meet your expectations. They have an extensive musical selection to satisfy all tastes, from timeless classics to contemporary hits.

The dance floor will be the heart of your event, and our DJ knows how to make it come alive. They create smooth transitions between tracks, keep the energy at its peak, and encourage your guests to dance all night. The festive atmosphere will be present, and your attendees will remember this exceptional evening for a long time.

When you choose our DJ services, you choose the guarantee of a successful evening. Our professional DJ is there to ensure that the music reflects the essence of your event and creates an unforgettable atmosphere. So, let the magic of music operate and transform your wedding or event into a festive moment that everyone will remember. Contact us today to book your DJ and create the perfect ambiance for your big day.


A team of 1 to 3 artistsconsisting of these three formations*:

– "DJ Set" (1 artist): 1 open-format or specialized DJ
– "Superior DJ Set" (2 artists): 1 DJ, 1 MC/Ambianceur or 1 Musician (Ex: Saxophonist, Percussionist, Violinist…)
– "Superior DJ Set +" (3 artists): 1 DJ, 1 MC/Ambianceur, 1 Musician

*Artists can be added, removed, and replaced according to your preferences and musical needs.

Each of the formations is led by one of our two conductors, Karny and Nolan.